Welcome to Daily Life & me

I always hated the first day of class, when they would make you stand up and say your name, hobbies and why you like the course but here i go:

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Welcome to Daily life & me. My lifestyle blog. I am a law student in my 20’s, living in Europe. I moved to different countries when I was younger but now I study at university full time.  Most of my days are spent studying for law school or attending classes at university. However, I try to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising. I play squash, go swimming or find some other workout I can do in between. 

My hobbies include playing guitar, many forms of painting, photography… As long as I can be creative, I’m happy. 

I want to keep this blog anonymous so I can let my stories speak for themselves. I’ll be posting about my life, anything from daily routines, to studying for law school. I hope that my blog will be able to help others, whether that be to inspire someone or simply have enjoyable content. My plan is to simply write about what I enjoy and I hope you enjoy it too.

I will be posting twice a week, every Monday and Thursday morning.

Please leave a comment down below if you liked this post or have any suggestions for future posts you’d like to read. Please follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you again next week, for my weekly blog! 

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