Top 5 cities to visit in the Netherlands

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many Cities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a smaller country which makes travelling to between cities easy, either by car or by public transport. So if you are thinking of taking a trip to the Netherlands, you should definitely try to visit one of these amazing cities during your trip. These are my top 5 favourite cities in the Netherlands and everywhere I love to visit while I am there.

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city to visit in the Netherlands. Being the capital city, it is a great tourist location. Amsterdam is filled with beautiful canals, which you can enjoy by take beautiful pictures from the bridges or by take a ride down the canal by boat. There are so many different boat tours available for everyone.

There are many museums in Amsterdam, truly something for everyone. Amsterdam is home to the famous Rijksmuseum, but also the Van Gogh museum and the Moco museum, which has held exhibits for artists such as Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein. It is also home to the famous Anne Frank House, which is perfect for a more historical and educational visit. Other tourist attraction, such as Dam square and A’dam tower where there is a a 360 degree lookout over the city, ensure that there is always a lot to visit in Amsterdam. Throughout the city there are also the famous Dutch tulips to be found, either at the markets or in plant pots within the city itself.

2. Maastricht

Maastricht is a smaller dutch city located in the south of the Netherlands. It has many churches, beautiful terraces and many shops you can visit. I personally love the character of the building and the beauty of simply walking through the streets. However, if you want a different tour around maastricht, there are also many tours you can take by bus and tour boats. There are also a few art museums. The most beautiful attraction is the Vrijthof and the surrounding churches. There are also caves you can visit in maastricht and a vineyard.

3. Den haag

Den Haag, or in english the Hague, is one of the larger cities in the Netherlands. It houses the Dutch parliament and the Peace palace, as well as the international Criminal Court and other international organisations. There are some tours available of these buildings, which provide an interesting look into the history of Den Haag. Den Haag therefore has so many interesting places to visit, as well as beautiful tourist attractions. My favourite tourist attractions to visit is, Binnenhof and Madurodam. Another beautiful aspect of Den Haag is that it is located next to scheveningen, making the beach easily accessable by tram from the City. Therefore, offering you a beautiful City and the opportunity to have a beach holiday too.

4. Utrecht

Utrecht is a beautiful City in the Netherlands located 30 minutes away from Amsterdam, by train. Running through the center of Utrecht is the Grote Gracht, a large canal. This is a must see and definitely a beautiful sight from the bridges. However, there are also cafe’s you can sit at on the edge of the canal. Utrecht is also filled with shops. It is easy to get from the station out into the shopping streets. I love just walking through Utrecht taking in the beauty in every shopping street. There are also many tourist attractions in Utrecht, Including the Dom Tower, St Martins Cathedral, DOMunder and the miffy museum. Some of these attractions charge an entrance fee however it is definitely worth the money.

5. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is another big city in the Netherlands. It is filled with shops for a quieter day, however, Rotterdam also has attractions for everyone. There is the old harbour and Marine museum, the beautiful Cube houses, the Erasmus bridge, the Euromast and Various museums.

The famous Kinderdijk windmills are located only 23km away from Rotterdam. These windmills are a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site. Here you will get to see typical dutch windmills, learn a lot about the history and how they work. There are also various activities available too, such as a tour boat. This is a definite must see!

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