10 great personal Mother’s Day gift ideas

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

1. DIY

DIY is a perfect mothers Day gift. It is personal and you can make something special your mother will love. You can try embroidery, building furniture, tie-dye clothing, buying plants and making special made pots, or painting a painting.

2. Spa day

This can be at home or to a spa nearby. If a spa day isn’t something your mother would like to do then another day trip would be nice, such as a more sporty day out, playing football or basketball with your family. This can also be adapted at home, such as board games or badminton. For an at home spa day you can buy face masks, make special cucumber lemon water and snacks. You can also buy special kits online.

3. Gift card for a place to visit or a favourite shop

Gift cards are a great gift. You can get a gift card for a place you want to visit in the future but cannot attend now or for a favourite shop, sometimes its nice to let your mother pick out her favourite items if you don’t know which one that is.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

4. High tea

Going out for High tea is an amazing experience. This offers a special memory and a personal present for your mother. I find that experiences are always the best presents.

5. Jewellery

Jewellery is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This can be personalised in a necklace or bracelet with a nice message or simply a pair of earnings she has always wanted. This is a nice gift which will last forever.

6. A tasting set

Online there are gift sets which provide a range of products to taste different kinds; Such as wine, beer, coffee or tea. There are also companies which bring wine tasting to your home and also offer gift cards for this.

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

7. Pottery

Pottery making or painting is a fun activity to do together and you get a great gift at the end of it. There are also gift cards for this if this cannot be done at the moment.

8. Favourite dinner

Making a favourite dinner is a special mothers day gift. You can make a special Mother’s Day menu and set the table nice to create a restaurant experience in your home. You could also take her out to her favourite restaurant or get a gift card to take her out at a later date.

Photo by Peiheng Yang on Unsplash

9. Day trip to a city nearby

Day trip to a city nearby is a great present for mothers day. You could stay at a hotel overnight and go to tourist locations or even just a simple shopping trip. Another option is to buy a gift card for the hotel or book the hotel for a few months later, this still provides physical present which can be given on mothers day.

10. Special family picture

There are plenty of websites which make a large canvas out of a picture, a personalised calendar or mug, or other personalised products from a special picture. You can select a family picture and this will make a perfect present for your mother.

I hope these tips help you find the perfect, more personal, gift for mothers day. Please leave a comment down below if you liked this post or have future posts you’d like to read. Please follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you again next time, for my weekly blog! 

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