25 before 25: what I want to achieve before I turn 25

I am currently in my early 20’s and I have realised that there is still a lot i want accomplish long term as well as short term. So I decided to make a list of things I want to be able to do within the next few years. Hopefully through my blog I can take you along my journey as I complete each thing on my list. Here are the 25 things I want to do before I turn 25.

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  1. Travel outside of Europe

Travelling outside of Europe is a big dream of mine. I got to visit america when I was younger but I have a lot of other destinations on my travel bucket list. I am most excited to visit places like Hawaii, Canada, Japan and Australia. Hopefully in the next few years I can visit at least one of them. This will take a lot of saving and hard work! Please visit my blog post on budgeting tips for inspiration.

2. Visit two new cities in Europe

I really want to start visit more cities in Europe, even for just a weekend. There are so many beautiful cities in Europe, which are easily accessible, by train, car or plane. My top favourite cities which I am very excited to one day visit are; Paris, London and Porto.

3. Learn a new language

Currently I speak 3 languages however I would love to learn another. One language I have always wanted to learn is Spanish. So I hope I can save some money to be able to take a class one day soon and work on teaching myself some basics too. Here are my top tips for learning a new language.

4. Get a pet

I love animals. Getting a pet of my own is a big dream of mine. However, I do want to make sure I am financially stable enough and have a home with enough space to give a pet a good home.

5. Move to a new town

When I started my bachelor at university I moved to a new town, however I do want to move one more time for myself. I want to move to a town where I can build a home for myself.

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6. Watch the sunrise and sunset

Something that I have always wanted to do but have never consciously made a lot of time for is watching the sunrise and sunset. Therefore, its on my list and I will be making more time to watch it. This also helps take a moment to pause in the chaos of life and just enjoy these beautiful moments that happen every day.

7. Visit more of the country that I live in

I have realised that there is still so much I haven’t visited in the country I live in. I want to make sure that I visit more cities and more beautiful tourist spots.

8. Improve my photography skills

A dream of mine has always been to become better at photography. Therefore, before I am 25 I want to take time to improve my photography skills.

9. Obtain my bachelor degree

I am in my final year of my bachelor so I want to have my bachelor degree before I turn 25.

10. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Something I am really passionate about is having a healthy lifestyle. This includes healthy eating as well as healthy daily habits. I want to make sure I maintain this every day, at least until I turn 25.

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11. Learn piano

To learn piano has always been a dream of mine. I have tried to self teach but for the next few years I want to make this more intentional and really stick to learning how to play piano.

12. Learn a new recipe

I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes. I am definitely not a highly skilled cook but I think it would be fun to learn some new recipes.

13. Go skiing

I used to go skiing when I was younger. However, it has been a long time since I was last able to go skiing. Therefore, I want to be able to go on at least one ski trip before I turn 25. I also want to take a ski lesson before I go so I can practice this.

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14. Take a vacation to the beach

I love visiting the beach. It can be so beautiful and relaxing. So I want to plan one beach vacation even if it is just an overnight trip to the beach. Make sure I make the most of every aspect my beautiful country has to offer.

15. learn to scuba dive

This one might be more difficult to achieve and more expensive but I really want to learn how to scuba dive. I have always been interested in it but never go after that dream so I hope that before I turn 25 I get to do this.

16. Go snorkelling

I have also never been snorkelling. I really want to be able to go snorkelling somewhere beautiful.

17. Start a masters degree

Since I will be finishing my bachelor degree soon, I want to take that next step and start my masters in law.

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18. Take a spontaneous trip

Taking a spontaneous trip is something I think will be really fun to do. I want to just pack a bag and leave. It doesn’t have to be to another country but at least a one night trip or a spontaneous day trip somewhere new.

19. Go horse riding

When I was young, I used to go horse riding. I would love to do this again, possibly on a beach or at least somewhere beautiful.

20. Go to an art museum

I love visiting art museums. There are so many which I still have not visited, for example, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Louvre in Paris. I hope that before I turn 25 I get to visit one of these.

21. Learn how to play squash and be good at it!

I love playing sports. Squash is a more complicated sport but a lot of fun. By the time I turn 25 I want to learn how to play Squash and intentionally practice it to become good at it.

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22. Swim more often

I love to go swimming. I used to go swimming ever week. I have really missed that since social distancing started. So, I really want to make sure that when it’s safe again I keep swimming as often as I can.

23. Grow my own plants

Growing my own plants is one thing I am excited to do. I want to grow plants which produce food and I want to grow them from a seeds. I am excited to see that successful process.

24. Volunteer

I love helping others and being a part of something bigger than myself. Therefore, I really want to take every opportunity I can to volunteer in some way.

25. Wake up early and make the most of every day

I want to make sure that before I turn 25 I make the most of every single day. I want to wake up early every morning and fill my day with things that I want to do; work on completing this list as well as being happy and intentional with how I am filling my days. We only get so many hours every day and I don’t want to waste them.

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Venice, Italy: my favourite spots and bucket list

Venice has always been a bucket list destination for me. Last year I finally had the chance to visit! I visited for three nights but I definitely made the most of my time there! Here are my favourite parts of Venice and some places I can’t wait to visit when I have the chance to return.

Getting lost in the streets of Venice

Venice is filled with canals and small streets that seem to lead in every direction. Getting lost in this city was truly beautiful.

If you plan on vising Venice, getting lost in the streets is an amazing experience, with so much beauty and sights to see, not near the normal tourist attractions, it is definitely worth just walking through Venice without a clear plan. Try to look up a few attractions you want to visit beforehand. Venice is filled with signs so If you know the which attraction you want to head to, you can just follow the signs and soon you will end up where you want to be. I did take a few wrong turns and end up at a dead end canal instead of small bridge but this is just a part of the Venice experience. Through this you get to see every beautiful side of Venice and not solely the main tourist attractions.

Rialto bridge

One of the most famous attractions in Venice is the Rialto bridge, and it did not disappoint! You can visit the bridge and get beautiful pictures of the bridge from the banks of the canal or a taxi boat. But you can also get an amazing view of canal grande from on top of the bridge. Both options will give you an amazing experience and get you to see all these wonderful aspects of Venice.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is a large square in Venice housing Doge palace and St. Marks basilica. It is a wonderful location to visit and easy to find. It also has a few restaurants with live music, so you can sit, relax and enjoy the view. This square is also near the bridge of sighs and close to the water, making it a great spot to start wandering through Venice.

Guided tour down Canal Grande

On my last day in Venice, I chose to go on a guided tour down Canal Grande, instead of a gondola ride. This was partly because the gondola rides were more expensive and a lot of them fully booked beforehand. So there was no guarantee I would get to see Venice by water before the end of my trip. I chose instead to go on a guided tour down Canal Grande. The tour guide was very informative and I found it really fun to learn about the history of Venice and the history of the amazing palaces on the canal. This trip was by water taxi and with a small group of around 6 people. I would definitely recommend this trip if you want to learn more about Venice and get a beautiful tour on the Canal Grande.

Culinary side of Venice

Before eating or drinking anywhere in Venice I always checked the prices of the products and also the table charge. Restaurants or cafe’s directly on or next to big tourist attraction did have higher prices whereas other restaurants further from these had much lower prices. If you are on a budget this is something you should pay special attention to. In Venice I of course tried gelato, pizza, cappucino and penne quattro formagi. There is so much amazing italian and venician cuisine to enjoy and You get to enjoy it with some of the most beautiful views.

Bucket list for venice

Venice is of course filled with many activities and tourist spots to visit. I think that if i stayed for a week in Venice there would definitely be plenty activities and attractions to visit during this time. I have compiled a bucket list for when I am able to return to Venice.

Photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash
  • Take a gondola ride
  • Watch the sunset on canal grande
  • Take a day trip to Murano and Burano
  • Buy Venetian glass
  • Visit Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
  • Try Aperol spritz
  • Visit inside Doge Palace
  • Visit inside St Marks Basillica

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