Life update September 2021

Guys I did it! I officially have a masters degree in law. This year has been chaotic and busy to say the least. So many changes and so little time to blog about it. I officially moved again into my own place and I got my first official job. So all in all these are very exciting times.

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I hope I can blog a lot more now that things have settled down. I have been traveling a bit more this summer but I hope I can really start traveling more soon. I want to travel around Europe; to Italy and Iceland and Norway. I want to travel to Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. And so many more places. I feel so excited for this new chapter in my life and the possibilities it has opened me up to.

Career wise I am really excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. There are so many doors open to me and I like that I don’t know where life will take me.

I have some blog posts planned, like my trip to Kinderdijk in the Netherlands. As well as more budgeting tips so stay on the look out.

Budgeting tips: moving edition

Moving can be a stressful time, especially financially. I have always been really interesting in budgeting and loved how much power it can give you in life to be able to achieve your goals. Of course, a good budget is a great starting point to increase your savings and to ensure wherever you move to, you will be able to afford the new life you want for yourself. Here are my five budgeting tips, moving edition.

1.Compile a list of all your monthly expenses.

This can be tricky before you have moved into your new home. However, you can call up companies to get a quote on how much approximately your new home will cost, with regards to gas/water/electric. After this you want to think about a monthly food budget, to be as realistic as possible it might help to think of meals and how much they cost for the month. Thereafter, monthly subscriptions should be taken into account and bills for, for example, your car. Don’t forget rent or a mortgage as well.

2.Now you can see how much you will spend ever month you need to know your income.

Here it is important to subtract the two to find out how much you will be able to save every month for those unexpected purchases or needs, such as car or house repairs.

3. It is important to save up for things you will need when living in the house.

Here I am talking specifically about furniture or paint. you need to make a budget for before you move in with your current expenses and income to ensure you have a comfortable savings to afford all needed for moving into a new home.

4. The move

During the move you might need a company or moving boxes. These also need to be budgeted into your savings to ensure you can afford every aspect of moving.

5. Cheaper alternatives

If you are struggling to be able to afford a move, I have some tips to find cheaper alternatives to fit into any budget. Firstly, I ALWAYS look into Ikea, they have a broad range of furniture at a broad range of prices, so there is always something for a smaller budget. They also have discounted furniture at their exit which are sometimes minimally damaged but sometimes simply the packaging got damaged. So it is definitely worth checking out. I have also found great furniture at second hand shops. There are also plenty of places to get cheaper moving boxes or to reuse crates, really get creative because some moving boxes can really add up a lot of costs.

Please leave a comment down below if you liked this post or have future posts you’d like to read. I hope you enjoyed this budgeting post and I hope it can be helpful to those in need. Please follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you again next time, for my weekly blog! 

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